Perfect Event Space & Office Space for Prototyping in Liverpool

Sensor City building is one of the most modern buildings in Liverpool and was designed with business stakeholders in mind. If you haven’t been to Sensor city then we do have:

  1. Office spaces for co-working and hot desking which is ideal for people running projects and need a creative environment or laboratory space for prototyping.
  2. Laboratoty facilities for DIYers and engineering purposes ideal for creating your products prototype. You won’t be alone as we have technical teams around to assist you with the machinery if you need guidance. This is truely where the future happens and lately we have had success with a sensor company which is now producing products for the market and government.
  3. Our Events space and Meeting rooms are unique and can accomodate upto 70 delegates while still maintaining the professional and welcoming atmosphere. The bulding is like a tadis and whatever you have in mind we can provide the resources. Be it conferences, Meetings, Workshops or even function, Sensor City is fully equipped.

Office Space Liverpool

Liverpool is a creative hub and one of Northern power house upcoming economies and having been the European culture city 2008 its full of character and more so office space for hire. The infrastructure development in the past few years has enabled businesses to grow and as a result, attract new talent from the London and Manchester to serviced offices in Liverpool. We are seeing engineering firms and tech companies establish bases in the Northwest.

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Event Space Liverpool

When looking for Event space in a city like liverpool you have to think of some logisitcal elements. Where will my guest stay? where will I park? How is the catering services? What the capacity of the venue? Does the venue have the relevant facilities like Audio Visual equipment and WIFI? Sensor city ticks all these boxes as they have great relationships with local businesses and ensure when you book their venue they will arrange discounted rates for your party & guest for accomodation, parking, catering etc. well within touching distance of their building. Having worked with the universities we have the right skill sets and have put our soul in this project having run events for thousands of students and staff running the instituition.
Having one of the best architectual buildings structures in Liverpool, our event space inspires and motivates delegates and you will love the city views from the roof space. We provide a dedicated events manager so you are rest assured to have a successful and coordinated event.

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Laboratory Space for Hire

Internet of Things (IoT) is now a buzz word and if you haven’t heard of it, I will define it for you according to Wikipedia:

“The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data”

Some of the reviews from Sensor City website show tenants been highly recommending especially from a facilities perspective and specialist support skills which has enables companies expand their teams. Case example a Robotics firm has been able to develop their technology within this liverpool laboraty facility. Workshop space liverpool


Prototyping equipment

Prototyping can be very expensive from Visual prototype, proof of concept, presentation to Pre-production. With the help of the two main Universities in Liverpool we have a vast range of prototyping experience to help with the refinement before it goes for manufacturing.
Sensor City are particularly proud of their LPKF Laser Direct Structure machine which allows PCB design and print onto 3D irregular surfaces and is a unique resource in the UK.



Sensor City can help you from planning to prototyping, production and will help deliver the product that sells. Entrepreneurs in Liverpool have relied on our knowledge and prototyping machinery in order get the best product in market.
In terms of office space we have 2500 metres square facility space for companies to occupy. We only take companies active in Sensor technology and IoT related and have links or may need assistance from our partner institutions like University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores university.
The building allows natural light to flow across all floors with a gold exterior focal point on ther skylines of liverpool.


4 years ago