Car Finance Specialist for BMW, Audi, Land Rover & Mercedes

95% of cars sold in the UK are sold on car finance plans as this allows buyers flexibility. Car finance specialists companies have harnessed the process and as a result with their excellent relationships with panel of specialist lenders. These allows finance companies to offer the best bespoke finance package depending on the types of car they sell.

What is Car Finance

What is car finance?

Simple! It is finance to buy a vehicle. Therefore, to make it more clear; Car finance is a way for you to buy a car by spreading the cost over a period of months usually 36 to 84 months. So, instead of having to pay everything upfront, you can split the cost into manageable amounts that are paid in regular monthly instalments.

Who is a Vehicle / Car Finance Specialist?

Vehicle finance specialists are usually finance companies or finance brokers registered and regulated by the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority and FSA – Financial Services Authority as they mostly find finance products and at same time advice customers on what are the best deals. An organisation that comes to mind as being a car finance specialist is Rix Motors, based in Warrington Cheshire, they help their clients find the best finance products for their prestige cars ranging from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Vauxhall amongst other car brands.

Mercedes finance deals

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that will never disappoint. It offers a great driving experience and most mercedes dealers will match a finance package that will allow you to snap the opportunity matched by an equally great ownership experience. Rix Motors are mercedes finance specialists and their cars come with exclusive offers especially if you choose to part exchange your existing motor with them. Next time you are in the market for this luxurious beast of car visit this warrington dealership.


BMW finance deals

Another German engineering wonder, any BMW driver will tell you that the car they drive is possibly the best they have experienced. Enjoy the flexibility to find a solution that works best for you including low customer deposits. Now discover the best way to get you in the driving seat. For more information about bmw finance deals visit:

Audi finance deals

If you don’t have a car in mind, but you’ve already been pre-approved for finance, then I would try an audi. WHY? Because I just like their ads and Quattro technology just sounds like a marvel piece of kit. These are not the cheapest cars on finance but if you were to take finance on anything why don’t you take on something that you will be proud of driving and enjoy every moment you are behind the wheel.

We are going to discuss the Land Rover deals in our next article, so keep an eye on Rix Motors and Accept Car Finance websites blog section for great deals on 4×4 cars ready for summer adventures.

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2 years ago