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Although a speed awareness course is a replacement for penalty points, it doesn’t change the fact that the person involved has committed a speeding offence. Speeding is one of the most flouted rules in the British Road Traffic Act and this can be evidenced by the stats from NDORS. The number of courses offered in 2017 averaged around 1,195,356 which is an increased from 2016.

Most police forces offer a course to drivers who are caught speeding between 10% plus 2 and 10% plus 9 of the legal limit. In other words, if you get caught driving between 35mph and 42mph in a 30mph zone, or between 79mph and 86mph in a 70mph zone. Anything above that results to a fine, penalty points or even prosecution.

If you’ve not had a speeding ticket in the past three years, you can go on a speed awareness course. Therefore, only one course can be undertaken in any three year period.  Once a course is successfully completed, the file on that incident is closed and no further action taken. This means you’ll avoid getting points on your driving licence. Further offending will be dealt with by prosecution.  To book this course visit: www.ndors.org.uk/speed-awareness-course

What would I actually learn from a speed awareness course?

The National Speed Awareness Course is designed by the NDORS Course Development Unit, comprising of leading behavioural change and transport academics, experienced and senior practitioners from the world of enforcement and road safety.

The hope is that speed awareness courses will help towards a wider campaign to reduce driving over the limit and, essentially, help the roads become a safer place. The course is designed to give people information and tips to help them:

  • know what the speed limit is;
  • understand why a few mph makes a difference;
  • control the speed of their vehicle; and
  • select a safe speed.

In a nutshell, the speed awareness course is designed to open your eyes about the dangers of speeding.

How much is the course?

The courses is designed to run for four hours and as you may guess or have asked anyone who has been fined before, they aren’t much cheaper than the fine, with the typical cost being about £90 but will vary in various geographical police regions.

For more information about this national speed awareness course visit www.ndors.org.uk/courses/ and for general National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme : www.ndors.org.uk

3 years ago