6 Ways to Help Kids Get into Fitness

The key is to make sure your child gets regular, fun, and enjoyable exercise. If your child feels that this is a tedious job or has to do something, then the opposite happens. However, if you take the time to develop some of your children’s fun fitness activities, you will quickly find that they encourage you to exercise and stay in good health too. Below you can share some kids fitness you need to know.



Pushups are one of the best strength training exercises for anyone, not just kids. They are a full-body exercise (since the back and abdomen must be straightened to move correctly), but this exercise focuses primarily on the chest and triceps. The pressure is applied downward while the hands are shoulder-width apart. Almost push yourself up, then lower yourself down and repeat the process.


Jump Squat

Scott stands up, legs shoulder-width apart bends his legs and bends down. From here, you push your leg muscles back and jump from above. You are jumping out of a crouch.



Although they have weird names, mountain chicken is one of the best prices in a fitness class for kids. Even in average form, people can have difficulty doing ten strokes in a row, but surprisingly, they experience little movement, safety, and total body training. Burpee is simply a push combined with a jump squat.



Crunch is almost the same as sitting, except it’s more focused on your stomach and safer from your back. Instead of lifting your back entirely off the floor, lift your shoulder blades off the floor and contract your abs before letting go. This is a very safe and natural exercise that will allow anyone of any age and ability to strengthen their core.


Plan your weekends away from home

One way to make sure your family doesn’t spend the weekend in front of the TV watching another movie is to plan their weekend outdoors. You can plan a trip to a neighboring town for sightseeing, or you can stay near your home and camp in a local state park. Make sure there are plenty of ways for kids to combine fitness ideas.


Take a family walk every evening.

Another great idea to move kids around and connect critical family times is to create a tradition where you go for a walk with the family every night. This will bring the whole family back in and keep your children active. This usually works better for younger children as older children may not want to go out for walks with their parents every day, but it is worth trying.


When it comes to fitness, could you keep it simple and fun: play with them? It is usual for toddlers and younger to play with you. But older children maybe a little more hesitant. Make it a family habit to meet up on certain days of the week and play frisbee or badminton in a park or local gym. Hiking, cycling or bowling can also be done together as a family. This way, they get used to Kids Fitness through play or exercise.

1 year ago