How do You Choose the Best Cat Scratching Post?

A little knowledge goes a long way in finding the right scratching post (see review here for your cat. One mistake people make is that they choose cat scratchers that appeal to them, rather than thinking about what appeals to the cat.
As a result, you may end up buying several cat posts that your cat disturbingly ignores and instead, he turns on to his favourite “scratching post” your living room sofa set that is not designed for scratching.
So don’t make this decision an expensive one like I did before I got around getting the perfect match for my furry friend Cherry.

Best Cat Scratcher and Cat Tree Towers

Some of the key elements that every cat owner needs to consider from our cat scratching post guide would be:-

  • Every cat wants a tall scratching post (from experience and huge research height above 35 inches)
  • A sturdy cat post as cats don’t like to react i.e. buy a post that doesn’t wobble and hence why you see cats scratching against trees and your couch, I love cats. Also for their own safety as you don’t want to injure your cat if the post falls. It’s very important to ensure the post can hold a good punch. If you have a pedigree it will be another toy. 
  • The material needs to be noisy as they like to hear themselves. Guess it’s stress relieving and just like their cousins the wild cats they want to mark their territory and seeing their visible scratches. Good materials will, therefore, include, sisal ropes, sisal fabric, carton cardboard. 

Our research has led us to this particular best buy has to be the Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post, which basically offers your cat all the excitement of scratching and climbing a tree indoors, and can be fixed to sit neatly in a corner. Not only does a scratching post give your cat an outlet for his natural desire to scratch, but it also serves as a form of exercise.
When it comes to choosing a cat scratcher or scratching post, you have the choice of vertical, horizontal, or inclined, and some of them can be wall-mounted.
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  1. Kong Naturals Incline Scratcher
  2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
  3. Scratch ‘n’ Play
  4. Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post
  5. SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher
  6. Dog Shaped Cat Scratching Post
  7. Two-Tier Cat Scratch Corner Post
  8. The Chesterfield Chair

Cats scratch to sharpen and smooth their claws, mark their patch and to give themselves a good flex and stretch. For more information visit our website: and if you doing some renovation in London or Cheshire and want some contact

2 years ago