How to Fix SQL Server Error 18456

What is Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456?

Do you feel a little panicky when you are greeted by an error message on your screen? Of course, there are numerous error messages that occasionally pop up on your screen. One of these is Microsoft SQL Service Error 18456.

This error will occur when the login attempt is rejected because of authentication failure due to incorrect login details like invalid password or username, the server will not allow you have an access.

To help you determine what really causes the problem have a look below for the error states and their corresponding error descriptions.

State 2 and State 5 Invalid userid
State 6 Attempt to use a Windows login name with SQL Authentication
State 7 Login disabled and password mismatch
State 8 Password mismatch
State 9 Invalid password
State 11 and State 12 Valid login but server access failure
State 13 SQL Server service paused
State 18 Change password required

How to fix the problem?

There are many reasons why the server won’t grant you the access. Just like logging into your email account, if you have entered either your username or password incorrectly then you cannot open your account. Or in other cases, if your account is set with limited privileges then you might ask for additional privilege to your admin to have an access to specific page.

Below are the possible things you can do to solve this problem:

Solution 1: Identify what are the rights of the user on SQL server, then set the proper server roles.

Solution 2: Make sure SQL Authentication is enabled.

Solution 3: Change server authentication, to do this right click on the server then select properties. Click Security, under Server Authentication click the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. Then click OK.

Solution 4: The account you are using is disabled, ask for the admin to fix it for you.

Solution 5: Make sure you are entering the correct account details.

6 years ago