How To Pick a Dog Ramp

We want to go over some things we think you should know about car ramps for dogs. Recent research has shown that dog ramps are actually a great option for many dogs and can turn some dogs from car haters to your best buddy on a casual drive for walkies or through the countryside for some fresh air and change of scenery.


Best Car ramps for dogs

A few things we need to consider include when procuring the best dog ramp:
1. Safety
2. Size of dog
3. Grip on ramp
4. Ramps weight

Safety First

A ramp for your dog is not only to ensure their safety into your car but also keep you safe. Many a times we see people bend over and pick their dogs up and end up injuring themselves because the dog is too heavy or the dog started wailing in the owner’s arms. If every dog owner was to consider just this first point they would priorities getting a ramp especially if they are in their old age or have back health problems.

Measurements Matter

A cars measurement is critical as well as the size of the dog. I asked my vet what would be the best thing to apart from number 1 and he said. “Measure your vehicle’s access point ahead of time so you get the proper size”. Depending on the ramp you are looking at and your vehicle, the access point may be the top of the bumper, the floor of the trunk or the floor of the backseat. Dogs need a comfortable incline that is sturdy for their weight. Therefore, measure the height of the access point and use a tape measure to estimate a comfortable angle you think your dog can handle. Look for a ramp with those specifications. Don’t push the abilities of a ramp beyond its limits. This is the same when you are choosing furniture even for cats like cat scratching post and climbing tree towers.

Gripping Surface

Make sure the ramp has a walking surface that your dog can grip. You may be able to add your own material to a ramp if you purchase one that doesn’t have proper material for your dog. Some homes in the uk have stylish home cinemas which have been installed by the best London audio visual company and you want a sturdy step ramp.

Ramp Weight

It’s good to have something lightweight that’s manageable for you to lift, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, sturdiness or durability. Keep the weight of the ramp in mind as you don’t want to break your back lifting the ramp trying to prevent breaking your back by lifting the dog, funny!

2 years ago