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MSite – Best Construction Site Access Control & Time Attendance System

Our MSite technology is highly and rightly regarded as one of the most innovative, exciting and productive digital software systems within the construction sector. It delivers a variety of benefits to the employer, but one of the key aspects is how it records time attendance and also manage construction site access control. In fact, MSite is the very best construction time attendance system available, and we will now delve into the reasons for this being the case.


To start with, MSite will record all of the time and attendance data for your workforce in an instant. It immediately picks up the time that they arrived and the time that they left, as well as any time spent off-site for breaks or for work-related activities (an external meeting being one example). This is recorded quickly and can be accessed at any time by management. Such data can then be exported as a computer file for you to print and have to hand if necessary. So, the easiness and speed of the system, as well as its spot-on accuracy and the many ways you can use the data are all major pros to MSite and MFlow.


Next, it is ideal for those who have particularly large teams of staff, and those who are working on large-scale projects. It’s important to keep note regularly on who is working in which areas of the construction site and have accessed control: different staff will be allocated different jobs, and if some of them aren’t present for whatever reason (or if they happen to be in the wrong place), it can be very tricky to find them, and it also keeps the project managers waiting while they try to find out what has happened. Fortunately, the MSite technology keeps track of where everybody is, making it easy to find them should they happen to be in a different part of the construction site, and it identifies absentees amongst a potential workforce of hundreds on major building projects. It can be used as a construction online induction system as it integrates data from CSCS and CSCO cards. 

Finally, MSite works particularly well in the event of an accident or emergency. If somebody gets hurt on-site, this will identify where they were at the time, as well as allowing for records to be kept within the data of the accident that took place, and any time they spent away from work en route to the local A&E. On a greater scale, imagine if a fire was started or if a member of the public happened to be injured due to the negligence of a member of staff. It may be hard for management to find out what happened and who was on-site at the time, but MSite will provide this information, ensuring more accurate and precise information when the time comes to handle such problems (which can cost a lot of money, as you might imagine, hence their significance). Without MSite, such a task may add to the problem; with MSite, the scale is diminished somewhat.

These are some key reasons why MSite serves as the very best construction time attendance system on the market. Read more by visiting

2 years ago