Tips for walking dog first time

-The first walk you take with your pet dog is important. Why? Because you need to get him or her used to it and adopt good habits. There are certain behaviors that you should avoid when you walk your dog, the first is pulling on the leash. As a dog owner you need to take the rhythm and choose in which direction to go, it is best if your dog is calm so you can put on the leash, open the door and leave stress free.

-When your dog comes out behind you and calmly, offer him a snack to reinforce his good behavior and thus you will create the habit of letting you out first before pulling desperately towards the door. However remember that it is his first walk, you should not demand proper behavior the first time.

-It is normal for your dog to feel nervous on his first walk and not obey in a usual way, try to stop in front of him until he calms down, once he has done it, offer him another snack as a positive reinforcement, so he will learn to walk relaxed and in harmony with you.

-The other extreme of nerves and disobedience is fear, so it may be normal for your dog to freeze when he goes outside, you must have patience and understanding, if he does not want to walk, do not force him under any circumstances, what you should do is encourage him to walk with pleasant words, hisses, and in a soft, sweet tone.

-You should repeat these habits on each of the walks until your dog has fully integrated into the outside world, this is important and should be part of his daily routine.

-To associate the outside with the place where he must relieve himself, give him a snack the first few times of training each time he urinates or defecates during the walk.

-Dogs have a lot of energy, but they tend to get exhausted, that is why sleep and good nutrition are important, if you want your dog to associate walks with something positive you must adapt the duration of the walk to his needs.

-The first walks with your dog should not last more than 15 minutes, in the same way, you cannot force your dog to walk with greater intensity and long periods to its limitations


Do you have what you need to get started on your first ride?

Before you want to take your dog for a walk for the first time, you should check that you have the necessary things to do so:

  1. A lot of patience and love to calm your dog before leaving, your dog must be calm before starting his first time, do not proceed until he shows calm behavior.
  2. A fixed leash to better handle your dog in the first walks of him since this is a bit more complicated with the extendable leash.
  3. Plastic bags to collect your dog’s waste.
  4. Special snacks for dogs that will serve as prizes for good behavior.
  5. A water bottle to give your dog water when he feels tired or thirsty.
1 year ago