Digital marketing Trends: The What, Why, & Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses the use of all digital communication channels from digital TV, the Internet, mobile phones, and other forms of digital media. It is broader than Internet marketing because it encompasses different forms of reach potential target the group not only based on Internet use.

Although digital marketing may not be suitable for every type of business, today’s organizations are slowly but surely realizing that it is difficult, if not impossible, to ignore the need to include it in a long-term business strategy.

The benefits of digital marketing are:

  • achieving interaction between consumers and the brand,
  • merging digital and analog media into a single user experience,
  • better understanding and meeting the needs of customers according to their location,
  • greater measurability of investment in promotion.

Internet performance strategy

These are just some steps you need to implement a solid digital marketing campaign:

  • development of a marketing plan (where and how to conduct the campaign)
  • content marketing strategy (writing quality texts)
  • publication of texts on other portals (portals with authority)
  • making video clips, gift or jpg banners
  • creating a Google AdWords campaign (keyword selection, intensity)
  • appearance on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • forming an email campaign (designing text, collecting emails, sending)
  • SEO site optimization, better positioning on Google search

Below, read more about the latest Digital Marketing Trends.

Accoding to Simba Digital, marketing trends is constantly changing. Almost every day, something new becomes relevant, significant, and necessary for survival in the global online race. If you want to work thoughtfully, follow Digital Marketing Trends and think about how to adapt them to business strategy.

Digital Marketing Trends

Trend # 1: Artificial intelligence

Successful and prestigious companies use specific robotic technologies to enhance their customers ‘experience. Google uses a variety of robotic technology-based software to better identify and classify data and information, offering users the best.

Artificial intelligence is available in developed countries, large corporations, and industries, but with a fast-growing trend.

Trend # 2: Live stream and a stronger influence of influencers

The live stream was used for personal communication with family and friends, for entertainment and various forms of education, for sightseeing, fitness training, and cultural events. Altogether, it led to the fact that live views on the Facebook platform increased by 50%, on Instagram by 70%, while the youngest social platform TikTok additionally popularizes. This trend has been used by many influencers from different niches. With live video presentations, they increase their revenues and the revenues of the companies they represent.

Trend # 3: Chatbots

Robotic chatbots based on the application of AI technology will be one of the most significant digital marketing trends in 2021. They work by using automated messages/responses to communicate in real-time, day and night, with customers or site visitors.

There is no doubt that chatbots will be primary in the future. It simplifies the process and builds a new one in which there is no more waiting, wrong answers, or a nervous employee who had a bad day.

Trend#4: Voice and visual search

This hands-free way of search engines is both fun and necessary, especially for people who for health reasons cannot classically search websites. At the same time, it will contribute to greater conversion and profitability of the website.

The bright future will surely be on the side of websites that support voice and visual search.

Trend # 5: Content that is easy to consume

The content should clearly and concisely divide into subheadings, to be legible and understandable. The form of the podcast has become popular, it sounds and looks accessible and charming.

Don’t sound amateurish. Creativity is still at stake.

A well-written newsletter, where you always give added value to users, in a friendly tone, and clearly say that you care about their opinion, will help to connect the brand and users.

Trend # 6: Account-based marketing

It is a focused approach and the collaboration of marketers and sales professionals to target specific individuals.

This means creating a list or list of a few of the most significant customers, who have great potential. Next, defining the sales channels that could best influence those customers, such as social networks and media portals.

You then send personalized and individualized materials to selected channels, such as e-books, webinars, presentations, and other forms of marketing content.

Trend # 7: Brand awareness & storytelling

Storytelling about successes and failures, supporting some social activities, helps to connect the brand with others on a deeper level, almost friendly. That way, the brand will become more authentic and strengthen its integrity.

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